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Background of Implementation

The Electrical Safety Portal System consolidates the electrical-safety and electrical-disaster statistics sites. It pursues innovation in electrical-safety management by utilizing the general-purpose electrical-equipment safety inspection data and electricity disaster statistics data managed by Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, reprocessing these to provide information to the public with the aim of realizing protection from various electrical disasters that may be encountered by providing a variety of contents on electrical disasters.

Details of Implementation

A. Publication of targets and results of administrative measures

  • - Consolidates the administrative tasks carried out by local governments and Korea Electrical Safety Corporation according to the subjects of administrative actions within a network, for systematic task performance
  • - The central and local goverments inform the public of the process of carrying out administrative tasks by implementing civil-petition processing online through the civil-petition Internet publication system, administrative-information publication, etc.

B. Providing statistics information about electrical safety

  • - Processing the statistics data required for electrical-safety management into various content-type information

C. Publication of a general-purpose electrical-equipment inspection history

  • - Induce voluntary participation in safety management by providing general-purpose electrical-equipment inspection results to the customers
  • - Secure public trust in and a reputation for reliability for government projects

D. Provide electricity disaster statistics

  • - Provide educational contents on electrical disasters
  • - Provide various statistics data on electrical disasters in the form of various contents
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